No one wants to stink. We want to breathe deep fresh air. but occasionally, if you are honest and working hard, you may realize, you stink. You wonder how long you have smelt this bad and if anyone else noticed.  They did.  It’s time to get the stink off. Thing is, its not just a one time event. You have consistently work on it to keep smelling fresh.

Your building is no different. Like a sewer to the nose an unattractive facility warns people that this is not a healthy place. not sure? Have some one outside you organization take a whiff. Your air  quality or phiyisical surroundings represent you and need to be fresh.  This requires a plan, usually proposed by a professional, to help you sort things out and answer the most important question:

What do i want to smell like?  A signature scent doesn’t have to be expensive it just has to fit you and your personallity. It has to be maintainable and smell good to others as well. Stop asking folks to hold their nose, fix the stink and let your surroundings encourage you to breathe deep.

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