There has always been a struggle between what we can spend and what we want or even need.  traditionally it has been the stats quo for organizations with tight budgets to maximize the amount of square footage their budget will purchase while neglecting or down playing how those areas will be finished and defined. On the surface it sounds good, i mean after all you can always go back and update the finishes, right?  And this is America, so bigger is better, right?  But this type of planning  is now being challenged by a new generation of thinkers that prefer smaller better designed spaces.  This shift in priorities has caused organization to reconsider how their budget is distributed and what makes a successful investment. 

Will spending your budget wisely may mean less square footage and better finishes? The first question to ask is “better How”? If you are going to give up precious square footage, your finishes need to be  better not only in first appearances, including graphics and uniqueness to your story, but also in safety, durability and ease of maintenance for long term cost savings.  People want surroundings that encourge goal achievement and are willing to invest in this type excellence. Already maxed out of Budget? Remember that even a small area done well, like a cafe or foyer, can allow your people to engage in something deeper and motivate them to give time, money and most importantly enthusiasm to the bigger vision. 

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