BlueBox Studio is a different type of Architecture, Graphic design and creative thinking studio. We know you need a team able to dream big and deliver simple solutions.  Our courage to  embrace a vast blue sky of dreams with you is matched only by  our creative  solutions  delivered  in understandable manageable ways,  as a simple box. A blue box. We are architects, interior designers, graphic thinkers, skechnote taker and artists that that believe you should dream big, breath deep  and then take practical steps to engage your vision.

We like to call ourselves Design sherpas. 

We believe that just as a Sherpa teams with a group to help them achieve a dream by guiding them through unknown territory, our job is to join with your team, preparing and going with you through the “trees” , first to  find the right mountain/project and then to safely guild you both to the summit of your design expedition and then safely back again. Leaving you with a space that  both meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. 

You want a Sherpa that understands your terrain. 

We have served hundreds of clients, with over 300 projects in the US, plus a few abroad reaching 4 continents with exceptional service . We strive to keep our overhead low , so that we can provide world class design services at affordable rates. Understanding budget and true value allows us to help you move efficiently from dream to reality. 

We believe that collaborative design is better. 

So we want to get to know your team and partner with you. We want you to get to know us too.  Your project will be headed up by one of our most experienced design sherpas, David Dial or Elizabeth Bolles. 

David Dial

Bluebox Founding Design Sherpa

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