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We are architects, interior designers, visual thinkers, sketchnoters & artists that believe you should dream big, breath deep and then take practical steps to engage your vision.

We call ourselves Design sherpas.

We believe that just as a Sherpa teams with a group to help them achieve a dream by guiding them through unknown territory, our job is to join with your team, preparing and going with you through the “trees” , first to find the right mountain/project and then to safely guild you both to the summit of your design expedition and then safely back again. Leaving you with a space that both meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

You want a Sherpa that understands your terrain.

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OUR Services

So working on over 400 projects on 5 continents, we've collected some great stories and acquired some useful skills and tools along the way. We absolutely believe that those skill were not obtained for ourselves - but to serve others in reaching their peaks. Here are some of the things that design sherpas can do for you...

Design Thinking

One of the benefits of thinking like artist, is approaching questions from a particular point of view. 'Design Thinking' is not just about the art and final product. It is a pack of special tools used for solving complex, multi-faceted problems. We have found that the Discovery process we use to start any design project, comes with a tool box full of ways to solve these kinds of problems.</p> <p>

Graphic Facilitation

We draw, a lot... on napkins, in moleskine sketchbooks, on tablets, in computers, i've even drawn out design projects on concrete slab - full size. But all the sketching, doodling, or drafting is for not if it doesn't help solve a problem or communicate an idea to people. Graphic facilitation is what we use to help draw the map for the expedition leaders solve problems. Graphic Recording is what we do to help illustrate the idea or journey to come, and sometimes used to record the journey for others on future trips.

Architecture & Interiors

Sometimes a solution to a problem is found in a building or a space or a set design, or a city block plan or a piece of furniture or a well landscaped site. For those times we have architects, interior designers, landscape designers, furniture designers as well as partners who are general contractors, audio visual and lighting experts, set designers. So for that kind of climb (project) we can sherpa a team that compliments an owners needs.

OUR Work

So people ask us what we are up to ... here is where we share some of the projects we are working on at the moment, and some finished projects too. Enjoy.

“You can have an art experience in front of a Rembrandt… or in front of a well designed space.”

Our Sherpas

David Dial
David Dial
Architect & Lead Design Sherpa
David Dial
Architect & Lead Design Sherpa
David bring 30 years experience on over 400 project (+200 churches) on 5 continents. He also sketches A LOT.
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Here is where we post some of the best parts - the stories from the climb (projects). We also share some training tips as you are starting to prepare for your own projects.
UPDATED – Children’s Pastor: Children’s Ministry -OR- Family Ministry ?

UPDATED – Children’s Pastor: Children’s Ministry -OR- Family Ministry ?

So here it an update on one of our most requested posts. Pick a side… Many churches in older building think that they can’t do
You were given a building?

You were given a building?

This post is a trending topic we have heard from many church planting groups over the last few years. We decided to list out the central
How to survive a building project.

How to survive a building project.

So… there you were in the big meeting at your organization, when all of the sudden you were tapped to lead a team to the
What you need to know to make a ‘big-box’ into a Church – Building Code

What you need to know to make a ‘big-box’ into a Church – Building Code

We’ve now done dozens ‘adaptive reuse’ or renovation projects converting old warehouses, Walmart’s, Kmart’s, supermarkets, furniture stores, and even car dealerships into church campuses. Each
Starting a daycare…you may be exposed.

Starting a daycare…you may be exposed.

Yes it is confusing… 3hr/day, 2day/wk, 4hr for 5day/wk…. you still have to meet zoning, fire code and building code. We’ve seen non-conforming daycare be
ALL about us

ALL about us

BlueBox Studio is a different type of Architecture, Graphic design and creative thinking studio. We know you need a team able to dream big and

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We enjoy talking about design, creativity, projects or anything that involves tools that make organizations have better spaces to do what they do. Let's talk....

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